The Presbyterian church began in Scotland.  In 1559, John Knox, founder of Presbyterianism, returned from Geneva having been schooled there by John Calvin.  To this day, the Church in Scotland is called “The Church of Scotland.”  As it came across the ocean, prior to and following the American Revolution, it took on the name “Presbyterian,” which means “Rule by Elders.”  We are a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church, USA and as such are an open and welcoming congregation for all of God’s children.



The history of our church has been one of steady progress.  In October of 1955, a small group of dedicated Christians decided that there was a need for a Presbyterian church in the growing community of Boynton Beach.  On November 6, 1955, the first worship service was held in the Women’s Club with an attendance of 46.

On December 1, 1955, the Rev. R. Keith Love took over the pulpit assignment of the growing congregation as our first minister.  The official organization of the church took place on April 29, 1956, with a roll of 105 Charter Members.  In 1958, the present five-acre mango grove was acquired, and Pratt Hall was built to serve both as a place for worship and for Christian Education classes.  In November of 1963, a dedication service was held for the new sanctuary. 

Our most recent pastor emeritus, Rev. Dr. Randall Gill, was installed as the pastor in 1989 and is still actively involved with our historical society.  Christian faith has played an important role in the development of South Florida.  Many pioneers would not have settled here unless they had a church to give them spiritual support.  Alongside city archivist Janet DeVries, Dr. Gill co-authored a popular history of Boynton Beach entitled, Images of America:  Boynton Beach, which captures the spirit of Boynton Beach and the importance of faith. 

We are presently a diverse congregation worshiping together.  Our members represent a wide range of lifestyles and ethnic and racial backgrounds.  We have an active youth membership and a vital ministry to our senior members.  When you enter our doors on Sunday morning, we look like South Florida!