Welcome to First Presbyterian Church (FPC)! We are located in Boynton Beach, FL, also known as the “Gateway to the Gulf Stream.” Our unique congregation is made up of people from all over the Boynton Beach and greater Palm Beach County area. At FPC, we seek to communicate God’s ever-relevant Word in ways that are creative and thought-provoking. Our goal is that every person who comes through our doors for worship on Sundays will connect with and be blessed by the living God. We hope that those who are thirsty for a more meaningful spiritual life will find the community at FPC to be a refreshing source of God’s life-changing grace. This grace is what nurtures us and sends us into a hurting world to join Christ’s mission of reconciliation and love. Come along with us as we live out our lives for Christ and serve God together!

“There is an ocean – cold water without motion.  In this ocean, however, is the Gulf Stream, hot water flowing from the Equator towards the Pole.  Inquire of all scientists how it is physically imaginable that a stream of hot water flows between the waters of the ocean, which so to speak, from its banks, the moving within the motionless, the hot within the cold, no scientist can explain it.  Similarly, there is the God of Love within the God of the forces of the universe – one with Him, and yet so totally different.  We let ourselves be seized and carried away by that vital stream.” -Albert Schweitzer